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Where is the Reset Button on a Furnace?

Have you ever thought about the reset button in your furnace? While making a furnace, the manufacturer has to keep several points in mind. One such point is the safety of the consumer. For example, a furnace can be dangerous if its power is uncontrolled. So the manufacturer, for safety, adds a reset button in the heating unit—the reset button trips down in case of overheating so that both appliance and consumer remain safe.

If there is regular tripping, it implies the appliance is getting overheated and should get repaired as soon as possible. A solution to this tripping is constant servicing of the heating unit, and at Sun Air Heating, Cooling, & Electrical, we provide heating service at HVAC in Sacramento, CAat affordable rates.

What is a Furnace Reset Button?   

Generally, every appliance or machine contains a tripping system into it. For example, if the machine is under loaded or overloaded, it trips the power entry gate and switches off. This tripping system safeguards the appliance from various problems like overheating.

What Can Cause The Reset Button To Trip?

Numerous reasons can cause the tripping of the reset button. Some reasons why the reset button trips are loss of fuel, blocked or closed gas valves, overheating, dirty flame sensor, dirty air filter, etc. In such circumstances, a furnace feels overloaded and starts overheating. So, the reset button trips to safeguard the appliance. But regular tripping may be a warning of constant overheating of the furnace. 

So, it is advised to get the furnace repaired, and at Sun Air Heating, Cooling, & Electrical, we provide the best furnace repair in Sacramento.

Where is The Reset Button in a Furnace? 

The reset button is always found in the circuit box of the furnace. Firstly, the owner should switch off the power supply. Then they need to find the circuit box. Generally, the circuit box is present near the blower motor. Open the circuit box carefully. Inside the circuit box, there are many connections and switches. 

The reset button is of different colors so that the technician can notice it quickly. If the reset button is pointing upwards, it means it is tripped. The owner can press the reset button down and further start their furnace. 

How to Reset a Furnace?

Every furnace unit, either gas or electric, has a specific reset procedure. One must follow the procedure and should never violate the safety provisions.

If the reset button is up, that is a good sign that your appliance is protected. But regular tripping is never a good sign for the furnace. Instead, it directly indicates that your furnace is regularly overheating and demands servicing. 

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