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What To Do When Your Heater Does Not Work

Regardless of the type of heating system you have—a furnace, heat pump, boiler, etc.—these units are essential to the comfort of your home. If this equipment wasn’t working hard for your family every day, it would be challenging to maintain comfort. These systems constantly try to keep our houses warm, but they occasionally run into problems.

By calling our specialist for heating service in Sacramento, CA, at the start of the winter season, you may minimize the number of repairs it will require. 

Tips to follow when heater is not working

The worst problem you can face is that your heater stops working abruptly. Since it is not always possible that your technician will visit you as soon as you call them, here are some pointers for you to know when your heater does not work:

Check the thermostat

As you know, the thermostat decides your home’s temperature for a comfortable stay. If your thermostat malfunctions for reasons like low batteries or wiring faults, your heater will not work. In such cases, ensure your thermostat functions efficiently. You can ask your technician to install a smart thermostat if you need more time to adjust its temperature settings frequently.

Replace the filters

Your heater has air filters that filter out the air leaving and entering the system. It is why air filters get clogged due to dust and dirt. Your heater may often stop working if the filters are too dirty to purify the air.

Check the gas supply

As you know, heaters work on gas. A heater burns the gas it receives from the gas pipeline and generates enough heat to warm your home. If the gas supply has issues like leakages, your heater will not receive enough gas to function efficiently. It would help if you did not try to fix the gas leakages, as it is highly inflammable. Allow our professional technician to do it.

Clean the chimney

If you have a chimney connected to your heater, your heater may stop working if there are issues with the chimney. It would help if you cleaned the chimney with the heater cleaning to save money and ensure high efficiency. Cleaning and removing clogged from a chimney require professional expertise, so contact our technician for heating repair in Sacramento, CA, to do so.

Clear the vents

Many homes have outside vents connected to the heaters, which becomes one of the reasons for the heater to stop working. Since the vents stay exposed to damage like leaves and twigs, they face frequent cloggings. Ensure no such objects block the outside vents that may hinder the working process. If you think your outside vents have faced too much damage, contact our heating and air company in Sacramento to look into the matter.

Clean the drains

Water is one of the by-products when your heater works and warms your home. Moreover, during the summer season, your heater releases excessive water into the drain lines. It is important to flush out the drains before you begin using your heater, as there may be bacterial and fungal growth in the pipes. You can flush the pipes yourself or contact a technician for the same.

Inspect the ducts

The ducts distribute warm air evenly in your home for a comfortable stay. However, with time, ducts face damage due to old age. This damage includes leakages and holes allowing hot air to escape the walls. In such cases, your heater has to work harder and may stop working due to wear and tear damage. Inspect the ducts for leakages and contact our technician for heating service in Sacramento, CA, to seal them.


Several other reasons can force your heater to stop working, and you need a reliable heating and air company in Sacramento to help you fix those reasons. Sun Air Heating & Cooling will thoroughly inspect your HVAC appliances, whether heating or cooling, for all problems and provide you with the best solutions. Contact our experienced team from Sun Air Heating & Cooling at (916) 888-2020 or mail us today.

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