Even the most dependable air conditioners are susceptible to breakdowns. Nobody wants to endure sweltering heat, especially in California, due to a sudden AC malfunction. If this ever happens unexpectedly, contact a technician HVAC in Sacramento, CA, and fix your unit.

Here is What to Check First If the Air Conditioner is Not Working

A homeowner can fix simple problems with their air conditioner with some troubleshooting, even though many issues with an air conditioner require the intervention of a qualified professional for AC repair in Sacramento, CA, it is still worth checking.

Check Thermostat Settings

Whether your air conditioner turns on and off randomly, check if the auto or automatic setting is chosen on your thermostat. If true, this might explain why your air conditioner keeps shutting off. If it is designed to work automatically, the air conditioner will not activate until the temperature exceeds the value printed on the thermostat.

You are setting the thermostat to auto when heating or cooling your home is the most energy-efficient action you can take. Nevertheless, if you find the temperature to be too hot or too cold, you are free to adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Be Sure to Inspect the Circuit Breaker

Check the circuit breaker if the air conditioner is not turning on. If the circuit breaker for the air conditioner has been tripped, reset it before attempting to restart the unit. Call for air conditioning service in Sacramento, CA, if your circuit breaker trips.

Place the Toggle Switch on the Main Circuit Breaker

After a thirty-second break, you should restart the air conditioner. If it continues to be ineffective, you will require the intervention of a skilled professional. After resetting the circuit breaker, examine whether the lights still flicker whenever a new appliance or device is powered.

If so, you are consuming excessive electricity and may try simultaneously lowering the number of machines. In addition to the fact that you cannot use your air conditioning unit, you should keep in mind that if you reside in an older home with outdated or problematic electrical wiring, this could indicate a more severe problem.

Check If You've Blown the Circuit

You may have blown not one but two fuses: the one physically connected to your thermostat and the fuse if you’re irritated that your air conditioner isn’t working. A blown fuse in the air conditioner’s connection to the thermostat is comparable to a vehicle’s dead battery.

Before the apparatus can perform its purpose, it will require modification. Unless you have gained specialized knowledge, you should not attempt to solve this problem alone. Contact an HVAC company in Sacramento, CA, to resolve the issue.

Examine the Refrigerant-Containing Line

If you have a central or split system, you should search outside for the giant pipe that leads to your air conditioner’s condenser. If you detect ice on this pipe while your air conditioner is operating, turn off your system and wait for the tube to defrost before turning your air conditioner back on. If you continue to encounter this difficulty, you probably lack sufficient refrigerant.


The great majority of these problems are preventable. Schedule air conditioning service to avoid the inconvenience of a malfunctioning AC unit. A thorough inspection and maintenance session should uncover any possible problems before they get any worse.

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