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Troubleshooting Furnace and Heater

The more essential thing you can do for yourself and your family before winter hits is to make sure your furnace is functional, safe, and as energy-efficient as possible. When the first chilly day arrives, you do not want to turn on the heater only to find out it’s broken.

Most people call furnace repair in Sacramento technicians because they have a problem with their heating system. Furnaces face the same general issues, whether in a corporate office or residential location. Knowing the most common furnace problems allows you to take proactive measures to avoid them.

Common Issues with Furnaces and Heaters

The following are few of the more usual heating issues that homeowners encounter.

Furnace filters become clogged over time. Dirt and dust can rapidly clog the filter, impeding airflow, deteriorating indoor air quality, and, in some cases, preventing the furnace from turning on. 

Change your filter every three months, as it is essential to the health and performance of your heater.

A broken thermostat is one of the most typical furnace problems. If your fan is always running, it’s a clear sign that your thermostat isn’t working properly. That will cause your thermostat battery to discharge and your furnace to operate inefficiently. Set the fan to auto and observe if it’s running continuously at all temperature levels.

The furnace operates in heating cycles to maintain the temperature of the house. If you find that these cycles are not consistent, i.e. the room is too hot at times and too cold at others, there’s a problem with your furnace.  

Is there a popping, pinging, or rattling sound coming from your furnace? A variety of factors can be the underlying cause. The noises potentially indicate a mechanical issue, reduced airflow, or a clogged burner. 

A defective ignition or pilot might make it difficult to heat a household or commercial office. If your furnace pilot light isn’t staying lit, it may be because of the thermostat problems or clogs in the equipment.

The blower belt is in charge of ensuring that the furnace runs smoothly. This belt may get frayed or loose with usage, causing it to slip down. While your furnace is running, you may notice a high-pitched screeching sound. Replacing this belt will increase your furnace efficiency and performance.

Without regular maintenance, clogging inside a heat exchanger may worsen, resulting in cracking. After cracking, the only solution is to replace the exchanger, which might be costly.

Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up Today

Have you noticed any of these problems with your furnace in the last week? Then contact an expert for heating service in Sacramento, CA and have the pros look it over. Hiring a professional is a good option because they have good hands-on knowledge of the machine and are more likely to fix it without causing other issues.

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