I moved to Sacramento 2 years ago in July. 3 weeks later my AC went out. A friend of mine recommended Paul. I contacted him and he came out the same day. I was stressing because I thought I had to replace the whole unit. And I was a little worried that he would try to rip me off because I am a woman and have ZERO knowledge about AC units! I was pleasantly suprised how honest he was. He told me I didn’t need a new unit right then but would have to get one in the near future. He serviced it and got it running and it only cost me 40 bucks! Fast forward to 2 years later, my AC was not kicking on everytime I turned the unit on so I wanted to be proactive and have it looked at. I remembered how honest Paul was and called again. I was thinking he would tell me it needs to be replaced because after all, he did say it will need to be replaced at somepoint.

Paul looked at it and suggested he put a booster in it which would assist the compressor. He charged $85 which was still really reasonable. Paul guarantee’s his work as well. He suggested to try the booster first before jumping to buying a new unit. He is really honest and does not try to hussle you at all. I’m referring him to all my friends!