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How Often Should I Get My AC Unit Serviced?

Owning an air conditioner does not mean using it for as many hours as you like. The best way to ensure that your air conditioner will work efficiently is through regularĀ air conditioning service in Sacramento. If you do not know the servicing schedule of an air conditioner, how many times should you service your system?

Servicing Frequency

You cannot contact your HVAC company for weekly servicing schedules. It will cost you a lot and is irrelevant to your system. Similarly, your technician cannot visit your home each week or month to provide a service schedule to your system.

Factors Affecting Frequency

There are various factors affecting its frequency and its benefits. You decide the date and the number of servicing schedules your air conditioner needs. Consider these factors for accurate results:

  • Age

If your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it will need more than one annual servicing schedule to maintain its efficiency. Old age decreases the overall efficiency of a system due to wear and tear damage.

  • Working Capacity

Suppose your air conditioner needs frequent repair jobs each summer season. In this case, your system should schedule more than one annual servicing schedule to avoid those extra repairs. If your air conditioner is too inefficient to work, contact a technician for AC installation in Sacramento, CA.

  • Brand

If you bought your air conditioner from an unknown or less reputed brand, it would trouble you more than an air conditioner from a reputed brand. The brand of an air conditioner decides several points, like its working efficiency and lifespan.

  • Type

Air conditioners are of different types, and some types require more attention than others. You need to know the average number of services your air conditioner type needs for its efficient working.

Benefits of Annual Servicing Schedule

If you feel that annual servicing schedules are nothing but a waste of your money, you should read these benefits carefully to know how those schedules help you and your system in the long run:

  • An annual servicing schedule will ensure you do not have to contact your technician for an unexpected repair job in the middle of the season.
  • Your air conditioner will work with higher efficiency levels during the season as the technician will remove any minor issues with the system during the annual servicing schedule.
  • If your indoor air has too much humidity, servicing your air conditioner will ensure your humidity levels stay in control.
  • You should schedule annual servicing for your air conditioner to ensure it does not make loud noises like banging and hissing while working.
  • If any issues are troubling your ventilation system, an annual servicing schedule will take care of them efficiently.
  • An air conditioner has hundreds of wires that may cause fire hazards if you do not schedule a technician to check them during the servicing.
  • For purer indoor air, you should ask your technician to book an annual servicing schedule for your air conditioner, as it involves cleaning your air filters that purify your indoor air.
  • Your air conditioner will provide enhanced comfort levels through annual servicing schedules.
  • You can ensure that your air conditioner will work for as many years as possible as annual servicing schedules involve fixing any minor issues that may lead to permanent breakdowns of the system.


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