HVAC systems help maintain comfort indoors during extreme temperatures and sudden weather changes. A furnace system is an affordable and efficient option for a heating system in your home as they work efficiently and maintain the indoor temperature.

Ignoring and delaying the repair service will increase the damage, and your furnace might stop working due to repair issues. That’s why our heating repair in Sacramento, CA, will help you detect the problems early on.

Different Types of Smells and Their Meaning

Odor is one of the signs by which household owners can detect when and where there is an issue with the furnace system.

According to our experts at heating and air in Sacramento, there are certain smells that every household owner must be aware of:

  • Metallic

A metallic smell is an indication that your system is overheating. The metallic odor is similar to burning hot plastic, oil, or rubber. Shut down the system and find what is causing the system to overheat. Consult the technician on how to resolve the problem if you find the issue.

  • Dust Burning

You do not have to worry if you sense a smell, similar to dust burning, coming from the furnace system. It happens when you switch on the furnace system for the first time in winter. Replace the air filter and clean the system if the smell does not clear away.

  • Rotten Egg

The rotten egg smell is a warning that the furnace system needs technician assistance at the earliest. It indicates that there is natural gas leakage that needs to be repaired immediately. Heating and air companies in Sacramento will advise you to switch off the furnace and call the technician if you smell pungent sulfur or rotten egg odor.

  • Sewage

There is likely an issue in the nearby sewage drain pipe if you sense a sewage-like smell in your residence from the ductwork. A plumber will inspect the ductwork and find the location of the issue.

  • Mold or Mildew

The fungus growing inside the system due to increased humidity causes mildew and a musty smell. Clean the affected area immediately because mildew spores can affect indoor air and your health. Call the duct cleaning services to perform maintenance services to stop the mildew growth.

  • Smoke

Immediately shut down the furnace system if you smell smoke coming from the furnace system. It may happen due to blockage in the furnace chimney or exhaust vent. The combustion exhaust escapes away from the environment from the chimney. A blockage in the exhaust vent can divert the smoke to the ductwork system.

  • Chemical

Heating services in Sacramento, CA, advise calling the technician immediately, if you sense formaldehyde or a chemical smell in your residence. It is due to a crack in the heat exchanger, and if you do not switch it off, it may increase the chances of fire.

Can Maintenance Services Help Keep the Smell Away?

Maintenance services keep the system running in good condition for a long time. Your heating system will work with maximum efficiency if you have called the technician for heating maintenance at the beginning of the winter.

The technician inspects the heating system for faults and tries to fix the problem during the maintenance service. Moreover, the technician cleans the heating system thoroughly and lubricates the mechanical parts to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Call Sun Air Heating and Cooling to Look After Your Furnace!

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