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It is that time of the year again! With summer around the corner, everybody has started preparing to make it through the sweltering heat. Apart from enjoying the backyard cookouts or just lazing by the pool, some individuals enjoy relaxing in their home’s comfort with the AC on. That’s why you need AC service in Roseville and Sacramento in order to run it smoothly.

HVAC appliances need proper maintenance to operate efficiently throughout the year and provide comfort to your family. Air conditioners play a significant role in cooling your residence and commercial buildings during hot summers. A properly functioning AC unit ensures that you and your family are in a comfortable environment throughout the summers.

Many owners don’t get regular tune-ups for their air conditioning unit, which results in wear and tear or premature breakdown. Regular tune-ups help your AC unit work at full potential and work efficiently without causing you any hassle.

However, considering that most ACs are used only once a year, people often forget to maintain them. This can lead to you calling for an air conditioning repair in Sacramento, CA due to it breaking down. 

You can avoid that by ensuring that you have your AC inspected and maintained. Regular tune-ups will also help ensure that small problems don’t become bigger ones. An AC that has received a good AC service in Roseville and Sacramento regularly tends to have a longer lifespan without worrying.

Air Conditioning Services in Sacramento

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Keeping in mind our customers’ needs, Sun Air Heating, Cooling, & Electrical is one of the top HVAC companies within the surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand what exactly the problem is and how well we can help. With a team of top experts, we ensure that each task we execute is perfect for any family member.

Considered to be one of the best for our AC service in Rosevillle and Sacramento, we are committed to each one of our customers as they rely on us to ensure all their HVAC needs are met. It’s not a big job for us, we ensure that our teams are always ready for anything, be it a residential property or a commercial one. 

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When Does Your Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

  • Insufficient Cooling
  • When your air conditioning unit is not working like it’s supposed to or doesn’t maintain a cool temperature, you need to call a trained technician for AC service and repair. This may be an indication of a clogged or blocked coil.

  • Water Leakage
  • When your AC unit starts leaking water, it’s a clear sign that it needs a repair and service before it causes a complete system malfunction. It can be from the duct or around the air conditioner. If not serviced and repaired on time, it can also damage the interiors of your house.

  • Strange Odors
  • When you close your air vents in unused rooms, mold starts growing in the vents or the ducts. This causes an unpleasant odor to circulate from the air conditioner when turned on. You need to call a professional to clean your unit and get it serviced. 

  • Noise Issue
  • Sometimes a loose part inside the AC unit can cause a low buzzing sound. This is not to be ignored. Instead, you should call a professional technician as soon as possible and get it fixed before it turns into a major malfunction and becomes the reason for you to spend extra money. 

    It is suggested to regularly have your AC tune-ups and services to avoid experiencing these issues. You can come to us for all your problems related to HVAC services.

    Services We Offer:

    As one of the top in the field, we provide our customers with various services that will meet their HVAC needs. We provide all the services of HVAC in Sacramento, CA to your doorstep.

    This could be in terms of their cooling system as well as their heating system. Though we offer air conditioning repair in Sacramento, CA as one of our services, some of the others are: 

    • AC Replacement
    • AC Service in Roseville
    • Air Conditioning Installation
    • AC Repair
    • Air Conditioning Service in Sacramento
    • AC Maintenance
    • Air Conditioning Tune-up
    • Smart Thermostat

    What Happens During an Air Conditioning Service?

  • Cleaning Of The Air Filter
  • The air filter in your AC unit collects a lot of dust and dirt during the operation. This can cause ice formation in the AC and insufficient airflow in the house. During the servicing, technicians will wash and clean the air filter for you so that the AC works efficiently. They also clean the condenser fan and coil and other key components of the indoor and outdoor unit. 

  • Leakage Check and Duct Cleaning
  • The technician also inspects for cracks in ducts that might cause leaks and fixes them. They also clean out the ducts of your air conditioner, so you don’t have any clogged ducts or drainage pipes.

  • Coolant Level Check
  • The technicians check if the coolant level is right and sufficient in the evaporator coils for cooling. If the coolant level is less, it affects air circulation in the house through the vents, so it’s important to keep it in check. Lastly, the technicians perform an overall inspection of your AC unit and suggest the replacement or repair as required. 

    Customer Reviews

    Terry Spring
    Terry Spring
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    I have been using Paul the last 4 years on my 3 rental properties and rate his overall service as excellent and professional.. He meets my three R's, -- Responsive, Reliable, and Reasonable. As everyone knows, when an issue arises with a furnace or AC unit it is always an emergency. Paul has never let me down.
    Justin Mixon
    Justin Mixon
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    I used Paul on two projects, both of them were full new installs with duct work. Great service and the best prices!
    Lutfi G. Abed
    Lutfi G. Abed
    Read More
    Honest work done at a fair price! I only use these guys for my Hvac work. I’ve used them for many years and I’ll never use anyone else.

    Why Are We The Right Choice?

    As a family-oriented company, we satisfy our customers with our services. Apart from making it a point to keep them happy, here are some of the other reasons as to why choose us:

    • Experienced Technicians: Our team of technicians is considered experts in the HVAC field as they have spent years in training at gathering experience. This also ensures that they are up to date with the latest technology in the field.
    • Honesty and Transparency: Honesty is always the best policy. That is why we strive to remain truthful and honest to our customers about the issue they might be facing. This allows them to trust us to apply the best possible solution without any worry.
    • Top-Notch Products: Apart from providing our customers with our top services, we also ensure that each new product they receive is of the best quality. This ensures that our customers won’t have to face their systems wearing out often.

    For those looking to use our services, please check out our website for more details! Contact us for AC installation in Sacramento, CA.

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