Chilly nights in Sacramento demand a well-functioning heating system. While replacing your old unit can be expensive, getting a new one will save you from exorbitant energy bills. Besides better efficiency, newer heating systems also offer mild heating suitable for gentle winters in California. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to consider the types of heating systems available before you schedule a furnace repair in Sacramento for your system. 

5 Types of Heating Systems You Should Consider For Your Home

  • Air-source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great option for Californian winters. Heat pumps don’t generate heat. Rather, they transfer it from one place to another. In the warm season, a heat pump transfers the hot air from indoors and expels it outside to cool the room. Here, the heat pump acts as an air conditioner. However, during the cold season, the air-source heat pump extracts the heat from the outdoor air and blows it into the house. 

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

These heat pumps, while following the same principle of heat transfer as air-source heat pumps, employ geothermal energy to heat or cool your house. A geothermal heat pump removes hot air from indoors and transfers it to the cooler ground to provide effective cooling. In winters, on the other hand, it absorbs heat from the ground to warm the indoor air. 

Geothermal heat pumps offer more efficient heating on account of the underground temperatures that remain moderately constant throughout the whole year. 

  • Ductless Heating Systems

As the name suggests, ductless systems don’t involve the use of ducts to generate heat. A ductless system consists of three primary components: the outdoor unit, the inside air handler, and the refrigerant. The outdoor unit is linked to the inside unit through tubes that form the channel for delivering warm or cool air. 

Ductless heating systems are the preferred heating option for old homes that do not have ductwork. While mini-splits are ideal for heating one room, multi-splits can warm several rooms simultaneously. Get help from best HVAC in Sacramento.

  • Central Heating Systems

A central heating system or a forced-air system is one of the most widely-used heating systems. It carries out heat transfer through ducts, vents, and registers. It employs a central thermostat to regulate the temperature in the entire house. However, a forced-air system also heats the unoccupied rooms in your home, resulting in wastage of energy. 

  • HVAC Zoning

This type of heating eliminates the wastage of energy in the previous case. In this heating system, each zone or room has a separate thermostat to control the dampers in the ducts. The thermostat triggers the damper to open every time the zone temperature falls below the thermostat setting, enabling the entry of hot air into that room or zone. 

HVAC zoning has the advantage of providing more heating or cooling in one room as compared to other rooms. In other words, each room can be set to a particular temperature without affecting the temperature in the rest of the house.

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